Extreme CMS is a high quality content management system for corporate websites.

Extreme CMS is our original internet services content management software (CMS), on the basis of which we have worked out a number of dedicated solutions:

  • mailing system,
  • catalogue of products,
  • catalogue of companies,
  • gallery,
  • publication of public procurements,
  • opinions,
  • survey system,
  • recruitment system,
  • internet services,
  • other data systems.

Selected options:

  • using and applying untypical computer graphics and functionalities

A lack of any limitations when designing a website’s image, a possibility to design individual functionalities including the HTML5 technology.

  • unconventional module arrangement, layout, distribution

Freedom when creating untypical graphic projects.

  • full website’s content management

You can easy modify your website structure and graphical elements.

  • support for positioning

Using the SEO techniques for a better indexing in the Internet search engines: friendly addresses, defining websites’ descriptions, constructing site-maps.

  • possibility to create the XML data structures

Possibility to modify and process any (untypical) information, creating filters and search engines adjusted to the requirements of complex projects.

Publishing this data in order to exchange it with other data from other systems, e.g.: on-line updates of multi-media presentations.

  • flexible functionality

Modifying options in order to facilitate work; it consists in selecting those options which we are going to use and hiding those options which at a given stage are redundant.

The system has been optimized paying special attention to huge corporate services and thematic vortals.