Extreme Commerce is a e-commerce platform designed to accomplish the most complex requirements and also

– an extremely scalable system with practically limitless personalization possibilities
– a unique functionalities which allow to maximize the profit and sale
– a modern structure based on proven, safe solutions and technologies
– a conformity with valid standards and norms
– a rich library of modules integrating with popular e-commerce support systems
– a professional implementation and service


– customer needs analysis
– creation graphic interfaces
– usability
– technology of the system execution
– system communication with outside data sources
– unique solutions to increase selling
– comprehensive consulting in running and development of e-commerce

Ergonomic and easy to use Control panel

When your e-business is growing, time devoted for basic processes in your store is of great importance. Once your e-commerce platform serves thousands of orders, you look for solutions that will automate them. What’s more, you want your internal supporting systems to be smoothly managed.

With our transparent and easy-to-use control panel you have access to all your e-business aspects in one place. You can manage multiple online stores, run promotional campaigns, and deliver relevant customer experiences with incredible ease. Extreme Commerce dashboard allows you to spend less time on managing your online stores and more time on strategic efforts for converting more customers.

Fully responsive web design webstores

Until recently, adjusting online shop to mobile devices was an extravagant novelty. Now, however, it’s a certain necessity. The number of consumers shopping online increases constantly, depending on the country, even by hundreds of percent! That’s why, m-commerce cannot be treated as an occasional trend.

Owing the RWD version of e-store is now practically a duty of anyone, who wants to be competitive. This is a technology that adjusts to your client not the other way around!

Dedicated product configurators

Earn industry recognition, bigger clients’ engagement and increase social sharing. Find out how big impact have our unique product configurators on your customers buying behavior and your sales. Thanks to our solutions,customization of your products becomes easy and fun, no matter how basic or complex your offer is. And it’s simple for you to manage too, no matter how large your business becomes.

Advanced integrations with third-party solutions

Extreme Commerce supports several different integration scenarios depending on the unique business needs of the merchant. Although a wide range of custom integration options exist, the objective of integration is to minimize manual efforts and utilize all existing business systems where atppropriate. Determining the exact integration needs unique to a given project is part of our structured discovery process.