Fifny Product Configurator


Up to 60% – customers are more engaged in buying process


higher price of personalized product is more acceptable by end users


40% increase of returning visitors

Dedicated Product Configurators –
Let your customers create their own products

By enabling personalization in e-commerce the customer can see the visualization final product, before ordering.
They can create the customized product, by adding different components on every stage of buying process, eg: choose shape, size, taste, colour, text, pattern, material, add any extras – depending on the kind of a product (chocolates, mugs, pictures, windows, blinds, watches, etc.).
The mechanism that is responsible for the whole process is called PRODUCT CONFIGURATOR.

Watch the films and see how it works

Why Product Configurators?

  • higher Customer engagement,
  • Product Configurator gives interactive customer experience,
  • build Customer loyalty,
  • increase social sharing,
  • more marketing and promotion options,
  • double sales growth.

Product Configurator – more about it:

  • it is written in HTML5 and JavaScript so it can easily work on any device and browser,
  • it is responsive so customers can configure products on any mobile device,
  • You can get fully-featured ecommerce platform “Extreme commerce” with biuld-in configurators, but
  • if your shop is on a different platform (Magento, Hybris, Shopify, Shopware, PrestaShop, IAI, etc.) you can implement the stand-alone Configurator and integrate it with any platform through API.
  • you can freely configure any product or set and buy it offline later – fully supported OmniChannel,
  • product live preview with 2D (.png, .jpg) or 3D (WebGL) visualization,
  • background hi-resolution – ready to print image generator (Configured product goes to printer’s in DTP quality),
  • wide range of configurable components:
    • customer’s text with editable fonts, colors and sizes,
    • customer’s images with effects, scaling, rotation and gallery,
    • editable parameters like size, color, options, etc. (Configurator Manager can add new parametrs to every product or component in configurator without assistance),
    • rich configuration options for Configurator Manager (certain configured product can have additional subproducts with subcategories, own prices, additives, packages, coating, set elements, addons and different availability management,
    • variants with different configuration options.
  • product price policy is calculated through adding: base price, component prices and parameters (eg. weight or dimensions).

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